Eurorack Modular Case

Introducing the n-1 case, a sleek, thoughtfully designed Eurorack modular case for sound and music makers. Our flat-packable case interlocks and slides together, requiring no tools to assemble. Later in the year, we will be launching a range of accessories that will provide further versatility to the n-1 case. These add-ons will allow you to customize your case to suit your unique preferences, ensuring it remains an adaptable companion on your evolving musical journey.

Available in two sizes: 48HP x 3U and 84HP x 3U

  • What's in the box?

    • 12mm plywood frame
    • 3mm plywood back
    • 4 dowel pins
    • 1 pair of aluminum rails
    • M5 hex socket screws
    • M3 rail slide nuts
    • mystery stickers!

    *case is unpowered, giving users the freedom to choose a panel-mounted power supply or adapt an internal power option.

  • About us

    Null Modular was founded with the goal of creating products for sound and music makers that resonate with users like a trusted friend. To achieve this, we strive to thoughtfully balance function with wishlists. The result is a design sensibility that is minimal, playful, familiar but a bit peculiar. We design all our products in Los Angeles, while prototypes and manufacturing takes place in-house from our workshop in Costa Mesa, California. Our meticulous attention to detail has helped us develop a cult following stretching from Los Angeles to France.

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Download Assembly Guide

"The modular synth community appreciates the tiniest of details. We take that to heart when designing and fabricating our cases."

- Meghan Hui, Founder